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5/1/14 - Second Year Summer Stories!

There's now more to read in the School for Adventurers world! Second Year Summer Stories are now finished and available on Amazon! These are in digital format, but you don't need a Kindle to read them--just a computer. ^_~

We hope you enjoy this latest installment in the world of Eastridge. If you've enjoyed reading what we've written, we hope you'll share it with your friends!



1/10/14 - Hall of Heroes & FAQ

Happy New Year! The HALL OF HEROES is now up! Check out the backers who helped us out the most and got character profiles in return!

Secondly, we've seen some questions of whether or not Book 2 on Amazon is the completed novel or just what was currently posted on the website--rest assured, it's the full novel. =) We hope you'll buy it and see how the story ends!* If you enjoy it, please consider spreading the word!

*As a side-benefit, buying copies also supports us being able to write more books!



11/25/13 - Book 2 - get it now!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long absence--fulfilling our Kickstarter rewards has kept us more than busy, in addition to our regularly scheduled work at a startup, which is never dull. In addition to that, both JLY and I have had some trouble with repetitive stress injury--which I've struggled with for a while and is no fun since the only cure is to just stop typing for a while--not an easy thing to do for two writers!

But today we're back with big news! SFA Books 1 and 2 are now available on Amazon!

School for Adventurers: The First Fight in paperback or kindle ebook.

School for Adventurers: The Stolen Sword in paperback or kindle ebook.

If you like what we do, we hope you'll consider supporting us by buying a copy, telling a friend, or giving the books as a gift this holiday season!

Take care,


2/7/13 - <3

As we're nearing Valentine's Day, the team here is hard at work. JLY is making a scene list of Book 2. KM Ricker is working on the book cover. KL is... updating this website, of course! Send us some <3 and wish us luck as we tackle Book 2!

12/30/12 - Please Help!

We need your help to raise money for SFA! Please support us by voting for our entries in Medium's Short Story contest. We need to be in the top three to make it to the next round! If we win, we'll get $2,000 to use to help make SFA bigger and better!



Log in with your twitter account (Medium is by the same people who made Twitter) and Vote by hitting the Recommend button!

It only takes a few seconds to vote and would really help us out! Voting ends on the 31st!

JLY's account:
Twitter: @SimplyMissYoung

KL's account:
Twitter: @ninjaribbon

Wishing you all a happy end to 2012 and a wonderful new year!

Take care,


11/29/12 - Promises to Keep

JLY & I wanted to check in to let everyone know that we're still here, just hard at work to deliver on all of our many promises! We're working on the changes to Book 1 this month and are hoping to have them done soon! In the meantime, take care and we'll be in touch periodically.

And, since we haven't said it yet, THANK YOU so much to everyone who's donated. We really appreciate it, and we won't let you down!

Happy Holidays,


11/13/12 - Last Chance for Kickstarter

With less than 24 hours to go, this is your last chance to be a legend in SFA history! Check out our Kickstarter now for all of the crazy awesome rewards you can get for donating! All backers (even if you only give us a dolalr) are going to receive a Summer Stories Short Story collection. If you ever wanted to hear more about what Averi, Wisteria, Fell, and Rai did over their summer breaks, contribute now!

10/28/12 - Summer Stories

Ever wanted to know more about Fell's summer on the farm? Or Rai's time adventuring with Cai and Javen? Or what, exactly, Wisteria was doing to train with her cousins? As an extra bonus for helping out with Kickstarter, we're giving our backers Summer Stories if we hit certain milestones. Take a look and help us out!

10/19/12 - Do you have our back?

School for Adventurers is back and we need your help! Have you ever wanted your very own character in the SFA world? Maybe you've admired KM Ricker's art and wanted to see yourself heroically portrayed? Or perhaps you've always dreamed of one day hiring a bard to write an epic tale where you're the hero? Well, we're volunteering for the job. Come support our Kickstarter and make your dreams (and ours) come true!

10/15/12 - Tea for Adventurers #5

Tea without tea. But we DO have updates, as well as promises that you can hold us to.

10/11/12 - A Sample Set

Here's a pdf sample of the first five chapters of The Revised Manuscript - Four Character Edition!

10/8/12 - Tea for Adventurers #4

Kickstarter... Good idea, bad idea? Let us know if you're with us!

10/3/12 - Tea for Adventurers #3

Book 2!

9/28/12 - Book 1 Revision: Prologue

Haven't you ever wondered what Averi's interview was like? We're pulling this scene out of the revision fault. Let us know what you think.

9/24/12 - Tea for Adventurers #2

Book 1 has been through so many revisions. And we might not be done yet. Think we're crazy? Maybe. Here us out and let us know what YOU think. ^_^

9/14/12 - Tea for Adventurers #1

So there's this thing called youtube. Maybe you've heard of it? We wanted to do something more than just return from the void, and that's where Tea for Adventurers comes in. This is our first video post and yes, we're huge dorks and yes, we're ten kinds of nervous doing this, so don't judge us! ^_^*

9/10/12 - Tragedy in Three Parts - Turning Phrases

This post is close to KL's heart, and not a topic she talks about often.

9/9/12 - And We're Back!

It's good to be home. The site is back up. Content to follow. In the meantime...