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The In-Action Assignment

An in-action assignment is a mission deemed appropriate for a test of field experience. In-action assignments are initiated and executed by students in groups of three or more.

First-year students are not allowed to participate in an in-action assignment. Second-year students may participate in an in-action assignment but are not allowed to initiate or lead a unit.

Third-year students and higher are required to plan and execute an in-action assignment each year as part of their final examination. Students must first identify an issue or problem to address and determine the objectives and goals of their mission. After choosing, students are then responsible for a written report detailing their plan of action. Factors that students might include in their report are the length of the mission, the difficulty of a mission, the number of people in the team, the relevance of the majors and minors composing the team, and the resources and tools needed.

Grades will be determined by the type of assignment chosen, the feasibility and viability of the proposed plan addressing the assignment, and the success or failure of the mission.