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First-year courses are aimed at providing an introduction to the field of study and are composed of core classes for the major and minor. Second year courses expand on the foundational knowledge of first-year courses. During the second year, students are introduced to the Simulated Battle (see eponymous section) model. Sometime during the second half of the school term, second-year students are required to participate in an in-action assignment, during which their performance will be evaluated for final marks.

Third-year courses are still composed of major and minor core classes, yet concentrate more on field training. During the third year, students are introduced to the Improvisational Battle model, an expansion of the Simulated Battle. At the end of the third-year, students are required to plan an in-action assignment. All third-years are qualified for leadership positions and roles during their in-action assignment and might find themselves leading younger students into battle. First, second, and third year students are also required to finish the general education electives (see “General Education Electives”).