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About Us

JLY is the brilliant mind behind the creation of the characters Wraith Ravin and Wisteria Ling. JLY also creates and maintains the drastically under-appreciated Student Registry and Book of Runes, both of which may make it up onto the website, sooner or later. Amongst other things, JLY is a talented artist who draws and creates graphics for SFA. You can visit JLY's blog at byJLY.wordpress.com

KMRicker creates the artwork for School for Adventurers. Her flawless attention to detail and her ability to capture personality can been seen in her illustrations of the characters of SFA. KMRicker's artwork can also be found scattered throughout the book. You can see more of KMRicker's artwork and read her blog posts at kmricker.deviantart.com

KL is the creator of Averi Rysten, Torrent, and Fell Farmington. In her spare time, she designs and maintains the SFA website and creates random maps of the SFA world. You can visit KL's blog at byKL.wordpress.com

School For Adventurers