Adamm “Sheepish” Wollenly



Age: 18

Major: Cleric

Height: 5’5”

Build: Broad-shouldered


Strength - 16

Intelligence - 11

Dexterity - 12

Fortitude - 14

Wisdom - 10

Charm - 13




Physical Description:

Adamm is stocky and somewhat short of stature, but extremely strong. With brown hair and blue eyes, he is quite attractive.


Personality Description:

Adamm is known for being self-effacing outside of battle, but an incurable braggart when his healing skills are put to the test.



Academic Background:

Adamm learned basic healing from the local healer where he grew up. Later, Adamm attended the Healing Heart Academy for Clerics for two years.




Strong Stomach. Adamm has seen his share of blood and now nothing phases him. Whether in battle or when healing a patient, Adamm is known to never blink, even when presented with the most gruesome sights.

Steady Hands. Because of his time spent tending the wounded, Adamm has a knack for precision work.

Charming. Adamm has a way with people and with words.




Gullible. Adamm is very trusting—often too trusting and too quick to come to the aid of a damsel in distress.

One-Track-Mind. When Adamm sets himself to a task, he completes it with a narrowed focus that he is incapable of shutting off. This sometimes gets him into trouble when he forgets to, say, eat, sleep, or drink…

Melancholy. Adamm is thoughtful to the point of melancholy, often growing morose if he is unable to heal a patient.


The Tale of Adamm “Sheepish” Wollenly



Adamm grew up in the Rural Farmland of Easden, where he saw his fair share of bandit raids. When he was five, his cousin was badly wounded by an archer. The village healer treated the wound and cautioned him to keep it clean, but Adamm’s cousin was far from careful, and later died when the wound became infected, and his village’s healer lacked the proper materials to ward off the infection. After that, Adamm vowed to do all he could to help people who were afflicted by violence. He studied under the village healer and learned all he could.


When he was seven, his family moved to the Royal City, where Adamm and his two brothers began a more formal education learning reading, writing, and other aspects in the Easdenian school system. During their time in the Royal City, a devastating plague swept through the town, leaving many ill and near death. Royal Clerics came from the Palace and treated commoners and nobility alike, giving medicine, medical tending, and instructions for care. Adamm’s two brothers were both taken ill, as well as Adamm’s parents, leaving Adamm to care for the entire family. Thanks to his excellent care, all survived—a fact which greatly impressed the Royal Clerics and proved that Adamm was a quick study as well as a dedicated healer. Because of this, Adamm was given an invitation to study at the Healing Heart Academy for Clerics. There, he excelled in his studies. He specialized in magical and non-magical treatment of wounds, as well as work in warding off illnesses. However, he soon grew bored with the life of constant studying. While some of the greatest minds were at the Healing Heart Academy for Clerics, there was little in the curriculum about practical application, which was what Adamm truly desired—to be helping people in need. One of his mentors suggested that he apply to Eastridge.


Adamm applied to Eastridge under the Cleric major and was accepted. He greatly impressed the faculty, quickly rising to be the top of his class. Even more than that, he was always the first to volunteer to go into the nearby town of Eastridge to help heal the townspeople. Adamm was charming and kind to everyone he met and helped, though he occasionally got himself into trouble by being too open-hearted.


One night, a girl came by the academy’s clinic and asked Adamm to come with her to tend to her little brother, who was too ill to be brought to him. He of course agreed. She led him down a series of twisting and turning alleys, finally bringing him out in a literal den of thieves. Things might have gone poorly for Adamm if his friends from Eastridge had not noticed his absence and sought him. The fight that ensued was oft talked about in Cleric circles as proof that healers could fight, given proper circumstances. And in the most surprising move of all, after the fighting was over and the thieves vanquished, the Clerics did their best to heal those who had been wounded. After that, an accord was struck between the healers and the Thieves guild of Eastridge, which was forever after referred to as the Adamm Accord. Adamm went on to graduate from Eastridge and dedicated his time to healing all in need. And the girl who had lured him to the trap? Five years after that day, they were married, and happily adventured side-by-side for years to come.


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