Allan “Draciolus” Grimraven


Age: 18

Major: Warrior

Height: 6’3”

Build: Bulky and solid

Box for Stats:


Strength - 16

Intelligence - 10

Dexterity - 13

Fortitude - 14

Wisdom - 12

Charm - 11



Physical Description: Draciolus is of bulky build for a warrior. He is also very tall which gives him an intimidating look, although he is much gentler than he seems. Draciolus has dark brown hair, which he wears short, and dark blue eyes.


Personality Description:

Draciolus was born into a loving family, full of artisans who were proud of their work. As a result, Draciolus grew up as an honorable young man who took pride in his studies. Draciolus is also devoted, whether it is to his family members or his craft. He is also compassionate towards others, serving and helping when he sees others in need.


Academic Background:

Draciolus had an excellent education in the best schools in the Royal City. He learned reading and writing, law and philosophy, and the arts. Draciolus was also an apprentice to a goldsmith and a playwright for a short time before settling on the art of the sword.



Clever Tactician. Due to his broad range of studies in history, Draciolus is very good at tactics and strategy, a skill that serves him well on the battlefield.

Excellent Judge of Character. Draciolus is good at telling which people are loyal and true and which are not.

Observant. Draciolus is observant, often noticing little details that others overlook. This skill is excellent for anticipating moves in combat.



High-born Sensibility. Draciolus comes from a good background, and as such, sometimes shows disdain for the less-than-ideal conditions associated with traveling.

Dominant Right Hand. Draciolus is very dominant with his right-hand side. It makes it harder for him to train with dual-wielded weapons or to switch hands.

Show-off. Draciolus is proud of all he’s learned, and he’s eager to show it to any and all willing to watch.


The Tale of Allan “Draciolus” Grimraven


         Allan Grimraven was born to two artisans in the Royal City. His father was a gold craftsman and was commissioned to gild beautiful swords and seals for several members of the nobility. His mother was a playwright who was known for moving noble audiences to tears with her works. Allan was raised with wealth and status and attended the best schools in the Royal City along with even some of the noble children.


         Though he excelled in school, Allan did not know what he wanted to make of himself at the young age of fifteen. It was expected that he was to follow his mother or father’s footsteps. He tried working with metal-magic like his father only to find it tedious, and even the most brilliant gold couldn’t hide the fact that his work was uninspired. So he tried his hand at writing, studying under his mother and other famous writers in the city. But he soon became more proficient at folding his parchment into paper birds than at writing on it.


         Allan thought he’d be adrift his entire life until he came across a swordsman while working at his father’s armory one day. The swordsman was the first man who’d come to his father to get gold off of a sword than to put it on. Fascinated, Allan followed the swordsman and caught him breaking up a fight without even taking his sword from his scabbard. Allan found the swordsman at a tiny tavern far away from the gilded spires of Allan’s neighborhood, and he learned that the swordsman’s name was Ren, like the famous Warrior of old.


         Allan convinced Ren to teach him the way of the sword. For the next couple weeks, Ren and Allan would meet in the mornings to learn footwork and patterns. Allan was a devoted student, buying scrolls on the art and practicing in his spare time. His parents became concerned about his lifestyle. Being a swordsman usually meant only two things--mercenary work or soldiering, and neither one of his parents wanted Allan to leave the safe and prosperous life they’d crafted for him. But by now, Allan knew he didn’t want a life confined to the city. He shed his name to become the fearsome Warrior Draciolus.


Draciolus wandered around all of Easden, taking odd jobs and eagerly learning whatever sword techniques and hand-to-hand combat he could. After a couple years of doing this, Draciolus started to get restless. He didn’t find odd jobs to be fulfilling work, and he couldn’t find any more warriors or errant teachers to train under. Hungry for change, he applied for Eastridge Academy under the Warrior program.


Under the watchful eye of Professors Halden and Trowe, Draciolus excelled, combining the new teachings of Eastridge with what he’d learned in his travels. Draciolus, much to his surprise, also cultivated an interest in magic and the rune system. While he’d dabbled in magic under his father’s training as a younger man, he didn’t realize that magic and swordsmanship could be used together in stunningly effective combinations. Draciolus was one of the first to perfect the ‘lightning strike’, a sword slash literally laced with the Lightning Rune.


After graduation, Draciolus joined the Easdenian army in the fight against Serath. The fights against Serathian Warriors left an impact on him because their techniques were so different from his own. After his time in the army, Draciolus decided to travel to Serath to learn more about their culture and their fighting style. He went on to become one of the first few Easdenians to become a Serathian Warrior Supreme as well as to broker a minor peace with the Firefalls, one of the Serathian tribes. He found happiness marrying one of the daughters of the Firefall leader and defending Firefall lands against the raiding Frostfalls.



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