Archerrinven Ryter Cravenworth


Nickname: Archer

Age: 18

Major: Mage
Minor: Warrior

Height: 6Õ2Ó
Build: Lanky


Strength - 15

Intelligence - 18

Dexterity - 11

Fortitude - 12

Wisdom - 15

Charm - 14


Physical Description: With dark hair and dark eyes, Archer has a piercing gaze that is most often directed at tomes.


Personality Description: Archer has a more than confident opinion of himself, though he is ultimately aware of how this can make him seem to other people and strives to temper his confidence with humility, even when he needs to feign it. Because of this self-awareness, he is well-liked, though his closest friends often see through his attempts at humility and tease him for it.

Academic Background

Archer learned rune magic at the University of Arcane Magic where he was raised by his mother, a professor, and his father, a wine merchant.


Night vision - Archer has exceptional vision and can see far better than most in the dark.

Arcane knowledge - Because of his time spent studying, Archer knows more ancient runes than his peers.

Creative - Archer is adept at coming up with unusual ideas.


Overconfidence - ArcherÕs egotistical attitude often hinders him from forming alliances and accepting when he is wrong.

Playful - Archer often fails to perceive the severity of a situation.

Impulsive - Archer rarely pauses to consider the consequences of his actions.



The Tale of Archerrinven Ryter Cravenworth


His name was Archerrinven Cravensworth, though he was neither an archer nor a craven. His mother called him Archer for short, and the nickname stuck. The son of a professor at the University of Arcane Magic, Archer grew up surrounded by knowledge. His curious nature led him to dabble in various subjects, finally settling into a passion for learning earth and rock-related rune magic. Even from a young age, Archer would be found digging through the dirt or stacking rocks, his small hands etching out the lines of runes.


By the time he was twelve, his experiments drew the attention of the faculty, and he was creating elaborate stone towers using magic to bind the rocks together, then tearing them apart with a well-placed Quake Rune.


The professors began including him in their classes, and so Archer learned from some of the very best Mages in the subject of manipulating rock, earth, and sand to his will. Though his learning was primarily theoretical, ArcherÕs curious mind soon turned to wondering what he could do with his newfound power. Dormitories were shaken by late-night tremors. Monuments of rock would assemble overnight in forms that looked unmistakably like Archer. And more than one of ArcherÕs rivals found his room entirely filled with sand. It wasnÕt long before his parents realized that Eastridge would be a far better home for their son.


With his extensive knowledge of runes and how to use them, Archer was easily accepted into Eastridge AcademyÕs Mage program and decided to also take Warrior classes to round out his education. His quick wit and playful spirit made him more enemies than friends among the Warriors, and most Mages found him to be entirely too flippant about his studies, but the few friends he did make were won over completely.


ArcherÕs striking reputation for being able to see in the dark quickly distinguished him among the Thieves, and made him a favorite target for Thief assignments. Archer not only enjoyed looking out for sneaking Thieves, but he also took a certain pride in trying to outsmart anyone daring enough to target him. What started as a hobby of watching out windows turned to building traps and sand pits outside of his room, turning life at Eastridge into an escalating game of cat and mouse. One of ArcherÕs favorite tricks was to immobilize a Thief in a pit of magicked sand, forcing the victim to wait until morning for him to release the spell.


When one particularly tricky Thief managed to steal three times from Archer, he stayed awake for nights on end to catch her in the act. When he finally spotted her, he trapped her feet in sand, locking her in place. Though the Thief, Aiyana, was vexed at being caught, she laughed it off, and charmed Archer so thoroughly that he not only set her free, but he also gave her his roommateÕs cloak for her assignment.


After that moment, the two were inseparable. Upon graduating from Eastridge, Archer and Aiyana traveled the realm together, doing good or mischief as they saw fit.


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