Charo Yoshida



Age: 18

Major: Mage

Height: 5Õ9Ó

Build: Lean and lanky


Strength - 11

Intelligence - 16

Dexterity - 14

Fortitude - 13

Wisdom - 12

Charm - 10




Physical Description:

Charo is Nornese and has black hair and dark brown eyes. He is lean and lanky, with tanned skin from long hours working in the sun with plants. He wears his hair cropped short.


Personality Description:

Charo is reticent and given to shrewdly observing others rather than participating in a conversation. He is more comfortable around plants than people.



Academic Background:

Charo grew up in Norn, where he learned magical botany at a young age from his father and older brothers. When he was thirteen, a fight landed him in reform school, where he learned all manner of mischievous skills until he was able to escape and make his way to Easden, where he applied to Eastridge Academy.




Lock-Picking. Charo is skilled at picking locks.

Botany. Charo knows a wide variety about plants, including how to grow them, what kinds are edible, and what types are poisonous.

Languages. Charo came to Easden knowing very little Easdenian, but has a knack for picking up languages and, despite only having lived in Easden for a few years, has almost no discernable accent.




Proud. Charo is fiercely proud of his familyÕs heritage of Plant Magic and will pick a fight over any perceived insult.

Judgmental. Charo makes snap decisions about others and is slow to reverse his opinions, even in the face of contradictory information.

Afraid of heights. Like his plants, Charo likes to stay near the ground.



The Tale of Charo Yoshida

Charo grew up in Norn, the son of a Mage who specialized in botany. He took an interest in the family trade and had a natural affinity for magic, particularly when combined with plants.


The youngest of four brothers, Charo worked very hard at learning plant magic but often felt unappreciated by his father, who spent the majority of his attention on the older siblings. Unattended, Charo began to develop a troubling habit of getting into fights over minor quarrels.


One day, a wealthy Nornese merchant came by the Yoshida family gardens. He brought his son with him, who was of an age with Charo. The two were sent to entertain themselves while the adults discussed business matters. It wasnÕt long before the merchantÕs son was picking at the plants, casually tearing their leaves and casting them aside. Charo warned him to stop, but the other boy sneered and continued. Inevitably, a fight ensued. When CharoÕs father finally stepped in and separated the two, the merchantÕs son had a black eye and accused Charo of attacking him without provocation.


Because the merchant was an extremely wealthy man, he sought to have Charo punished, and there was little that the humble Yoshida family could do to stop it. The simple quarrel was treated as a life-threatening attack, and Charo was sent to reform school.


Charo spent three years in reform school, where he adapted quickly, learning a variety of skills. From lock-picking to pick-pocketing, he mastered it all. He made a group of friends, and was only troubled by the lack of plants in the school. Eventually, he decided to make his escape.


He knew that he had to run far to avoid recapture, so he went all the way to Easden. He spent a year learning the language and living in the rural farmlands, where he worked as a farm hand and was surrounded by a variety of plants. He was very happy, but people began to notice his knack for plant magic when his crops grew faster, bigger, and often began to levitate. At the prompting of his friends, he applied for Eastridge Academy: School for Adventurers.


The professors at Eastridge immediately recognized the magical talent inherent in Charo, and he was promptly accepted under the Mage field of study. CharoÕs love of learning blossomed at Eastridge, and he rapidly learned about plants, magic, and the combining of the two. Though he didnÕt make a large number of friends, those he became close with always knew him to be kind and thoughtful. He treated those around him with patience, which some said came from his long hours in the green houses waiting for plants to slowly break ground and grow.


In his studies, he pioneered discoveries in magical poultices, potions, and magically-infused teas. Even as a student, he was regarded as an expert, and often sought out by wealthy patrons for some of his wares. When the time came for him to graduate, the Mage faculty voted unanimously to ask him to stay and teach future students. He found that he enjoyed passing on the quiet knowledge that heÕd acquired over the years from his plants.


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