Chrysdara Zeline


Age: 18

Major: Mage

Height: 5’4”

Build: Light and petite



Strength - 11

Intelligence - 16

Dexterity - 13

Fortitude - 9

Wisdom - 14

Charm - 13


Physical Description: Chrysdara has eyes the color of that imperceptible shade between blue and green. They show up bright against her small face. Her dark hair is normally tied back and low with a lavender ribbon. She braids her hair absently when she reads. There are always ink smudges on her sleeves.



Personality Description:

Chrysdara is quite literary and is a fantastical dreamer. She is very compassionate about the work she does with her writing and her runes. She is known to be very loyal to her family, her friends, and her monastery. Chrysdara is thoughtful, which is to say she likes to take her time before making decisions.



Academic Background:

Chrysdara was raised in the Mitas Monastery, which is most famous for its library and archive of ancient tomes. She received an education that focused on rune magic, literature, and philosophy.




Beautiful scriptwriting. From her time working at the monastery, Chrysdara has beautiful calligraphy and handwriting that has been put to use making beautiful illuminaries.

Meticulous. Chrysdara is so organized and meticulous that she never misplaces her artifacts, which is quite useful when she relies on magical relics to aid her in her rune training.

Nearly perfect with rune recognition and recollection. Chrysdara’s love of language allows her to recall nearly all the known magical runes. This makes her a powerful mage in battle.




Careful. While Chrysdara is thoughtful, she can also be too careful, not taking risks in the world when she should.

Quiet. Used to the soundlessness of a library, Chrysdara is quiet, a trait which makes some dismiss her when she meets people for the first time.

Weak Constitution. Though Chrysdara is capable of casting very complex and complicated spells, she can only hold them for a short amount of time.

The Tale of Chrysdara Zeline

         Chrysdara Zeline was born as the daughter of one of the council members of the Mitas Monastery. She was one of the few children born in her year and spent much time in the company of the elders. Chrysdara was an intelligent but keenly curious girl. To keep her entertained, the Initiates in the monastery kept her in the library where she was to tend to the ancient books, scrolls, and tomes that the Mitas Monastery was renowned for archiving.


         As Chrysdara grew, so did her love for the written word. She loved to read and write, and her prized possessions were a feather quill with a sharp tip and a bottle of ebony ink that she received on her tenth birthday at the monastery. Chrysdara was forever dreaming up worlds to write about in her spare time between her rune studies and chores.


         As a novitiate in the monastery and one gifted strongly with magic, Chrysdara received a traditional education at the Mitas Monastery, which meant that she spent much of her time learning the rune system. Chrysdara did very well in her rune classes. She found learning the runes very easy because she loved language and, in turn, loved and remembered the shape of every rune.


         At the time of an initiate’s fourteenth birthday at the monastery, that initiate was to leave the monastery to travel the world. Careful Chrysdara refused, opting instead to devote herself to the library. She probably would have stayed there for many years more if not for a terrible misfortune. The summer of her fourteenth year had been dry, and a drought had plagued that part of the lands. A fire took hold easily in the kitchens one day and spread so quickly that it threatened the safety of the books in the library. Normally a careful planner and thinker, Chrysdara did not hesitate to take charge along with the others in the monastery to cast Water and Freeze Runes to combat the growing flames. But after all was said and done, the fire claimed a good half of the library.


         While others were devastated by the destruction, Chrysdara found inspiration in her grief to restore the knowledge that had been lost. Hoping to pick up the skills necessary to succeed out in the world, Chrysdara applied for and was accepted to Eastridge Academy, where she embraced their Mage program. Though quiet at first, Chrysdara made many friends when others found out that her knowledge of runes was sharp and her wit and humor even more so.


         Chrysdara excelled in her studies at Eastridge. Upon the completion of a well-thought-out in-action assignment that involved unearthing one of the old cities and finding a collection of tomes thought to be lost to the ages, Chrysdara graduated with honors in the Mage program. Upon leaving Eastridge, she traveled with a group of her friends to the ends of the earth to collect scrolls, improve maps, and make observations of different cultures. Chrysdara was also an inspired and proficient storyteller and philosopher. Several of her novels and her journals were so thoughtful and poignant that they were granted a place in the Mitas Monastery which she visited from time to time, if only to pick up a good book.


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