Cleary Richiender


Age: 18

Major: Mage

Height: 5’ 2”

Build: Petite



Strength - 14

Intelligence - 14

Dexterity - 15

Fortitude - 11

Wisdom - 11

Charm - 16


Physical Description:

Cleary is a petite girl who constantly surprises others with how strong she is. She wears her hair short and usually pulled back to keep it out of her way. She has a dark tan from long hours in the sun.



Personality Description:

Cleary is active, bubbly, and fiercely competitive. Never one to back down from a challenge, she is always looking for her next adventure. Often restless, she considers sleeping a waste of time and has a habit of staying up late into the night.



Academic Background:

Cleary born to a noble house and learned horseback riding and all manner of courtly sports. She was particularly fascinated by traveling circus troupes, always cornering the performers and begging for lessons. From them she learned all manner of gymnastic feats, from tightrope walking to tumbling. Because of this training, she is fearless when it comes to heights. She took an interest in reading, and scoured her family manor for reading material, from histories of the realm to simple ledgers. From this, she learned a mix of practical knowledge and theoretical principals. She enjoys learning and has a very nimble mind. When she was twelve, her mother wanted to send her to finishing school, but her father saw that she had an aptitude for magic and instead brought in mages to act as private tutors to train her.




Animal affinity. Though Cleary has no particular magical link to animals, she is very good with every type of beast, from horses to housecats.

Charming. Cleary is good at talking her way out of situations.

Mounted combat. Because of her affinity for horses and her training in riding, she’s a skilled fighter on horseback.




Hot Tempered. Cleary has a tendency to act before she thinks, particularly when she’s angry.

Light sleeper. Having grown up with a private room, Cleary has difficulty falling asleep and is easily awoken throughout the night.

Not a morning person. Cleary is used to sleeping in from her days as a noble lady when her schedule was very flexible, and has trouble rising early.



The Tale of Cleary Richiender


Cleary was never quite the lady her noble mother had assumed she’d be. Oh, Cleary took very well to her studies, she was graceful as a cat, and she knew the right things to say at any courtly function… but she was entirely too competitive with her tutors, she used her gracefulness to learn tumbling and tightrope walking from traveling performers, and her charm was more often put to use getting out of trouble than on a prospective husband. Though Cleary’s mother loved her daughter dearly, she came to realize that she’d simply have to adjust her expectations when it came to her only daughter.


Cleary was the youngest of four children. Though her older brothers were very fond of teasing her when she was younger, the quickly learned that she would fight back. To her mother’s dismay, her siblings had the effect of prodding her competitive spirit and getting her into trouble. It wasn’t long before Cleary’s mother gave up on dressing her little girl in gowns and allowed her to ramble outdoors with her brothers in breeches and a tunic.


Cleary much preferred to spend her time with her father, her uncle, and her older brothers. One particular favorite activity of hers was riding about the grounds of their estate. They jokingly called her a little centaur for how quickly she took to riding. Even from an early age, she’d accompany them when they rode into town or down to the lake. With Cleary, every ride would turn into a race, and when she didn’t win, she’d vow revenge in a rematch.


Cleary was twelve when she first began showing signs of having a high affinity for magic. Cleary’s father insisted that the best mage tutors be brought to teach her how to use her talent. No one else in her family had such a strong connection to magic, and Cleary found using her magical abilities to be a special gift that made her feel unique even in a big family.


She had a sharp mind, and quickly became adept at simple magic. When the time came for her to select a school to study at, she applied to Eastridge and was accepted as a Mage.


She enjoyed her time at Eastridge greatly. Her bubbly personality ensured that she made many friends and her fondness of animals meant that she ended up spending much of her time in the stables and on horseback. She learned all forms of mounted combat casting and became proficient with a bow and arrow. On clear, sunny days, Cleary and her friends would ride out into the Eastridge forest and shoot arrows at targets, attempting to prove who had the best aim. Cleary also trained in the use of a sword and shield while on horseback.


After graduating, Cleary traveled with her older brothers, riding across Easden in search of people to help and wrongs to right. When she finally did fall in love, to everyone’s surprise it was with an Eastridge graduate who also happened to be a nobleman. Even more shocking to all was that her mother entirely approved of the match, though his high ranking station no doubt reassured her that he wasn’t THAT much of an adventurer. They were quickly wed, and her mother cried tears of joy the entire time. They were very happy, and decided to avoid telling Cleary’s mother that they spent the majority of their time off adventuring rather than sipping tea or debating fashion.


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