Erik NekoIncardine


Age: 18

Major: Thief
Minor: Mage

Height: 5Õ11Ó
Build: Lithe

Strength - 12

Intelligence - 18

Dexterity - 18

Fortitude - 11

Wisdom - 15

Charm - 14

Physical Description: With dark hair and stormy green eyes, Erik is always seen wearing a pair of enchanted glasses that allow him to see through various materials, detect magic, and see in the dark.


Personality Description: Erik is averse to physical confrontations because of the violence he has seen in his life. He is fond of relaxing and having fun. Neither particularly ambitious nor emotional, he would largely be happy spending his life in the shade of a tree if only food, drink, and occasional company would wander into his path.


Academic Background

Erik learned pick pocketing and slight of hand on the streets of Port Lynn. From watching Mages at shops, he picked up basic and intermediate rune casting, particularly concerning the enchanting of objects.


Item Enchanting - Erik picked up the knowledge of how to enchant items, particularly glass.

Short bow - Erik is skilled at ranged weaponry, particularly the short bow.

Composure - Erik has the ability to maintain his composure even under great duress.



Lazy - Erik is incurably lazy.

Nearsighted - Erik is very nearsighted, and can only see well when assisted with glasses.

Sense of smell - Erik has a weak and almost non-existent sense of smell.

The Tale of Erik NekoIncardine



They called him Erik NekoIncardine. He did not have the kindest start in life. His mother died in childbirth and his father, a thief, turned Erik out when he deemed him old enough to begin making his own living. At ten years of age, he found himself alone in the streets of Port Lynn. He had picked up enough watching his father to get by for a few years on picking pockets and snatching food off of carts when no one was watching, but soon Erik dreamed of more.


He met up with other boys, like him, who had been turned loose on the world. While Erik never became their leader, he banded them together in an easy camaraderie with his smooth and persuasive way of talking. Soon, Erik had found a way to work as little as possible while having younger kids do his thieving.


Erik had poor eyesight even as a child, and was fascinated by the glass shops with enchanted runes that distorted oneÕs vision. Erik loitered around the stores long enough to observe the makers, and by practicing on his own, discovered that he had a natural talent for magic--particularly for creating magical objects.


With hard work and dedication, Erik might have become a master craftsman... But such passion was not in Erik, at least not when there were other, more entertaining options to be had, like a swim in the ocean or flirting with pretty girls.


It wasnÕt long before ErikÕs antics drew the attention of the roguesÕ guild--which was a guild in all of the ways that mattered, except for the fact that any man of the law would deny its existence. In essence, it was an illegal coalition--a gathering of thieves who worked together and watched out for one another and crushed any opposition. ErikÕs father hadnÕt been the best of thieves, but he had made his way into the roguesÕ guild. When the guild heard of ErikÕs miniature version of their guild, they recruited him, the youngest member ever to join at fourteen.


The life of a thief in the guild was often violent, and Erik soon learned that he had no taste for blood. He would rather distract and charm a lady out of paying attention to her purse than to knock her over and take her money by force. When he was told to learn a weapon, he chose a shortbow, preferring to put some range between himself and any potential target. ErikÕs aversion to getting his hands dirty, coupled with his natural lazy streak, soon drew the notice of more than a few rivals. This was pointed out, and Erik was reprimanded.


To prove his loyalty, the thieves demanded that he bully a young mother who was raising two children on her own and had crossed the guild. When Erik refused and instead warned the woman, he became a hunted man.


He was eventually caught and beaten by the thieves. They broke the womanÕs arm as well, forcing Erik to watch. When Erik fought back, ErikÕs father could watch no more and helped his son escape, even though it put him on the run. His parting advice to Erik was to try to make more of his life than his father had--to apply to Eastridge.


Erik was accepted to Eastridge and quickly made a home for himself among the Thief and Mage programs. He specialized in creating magical objects that appeared normal but could be used by Thieves for more dubious purposes. With a calm, relaxed persona, he easily attracted friends, and was often the one responsible for forcing everyone to put aside their studies for some frivolity.


Upon graduating, Erik made it his mission to right the wrongs of his past—starting with a quick and thorough war against the roguesÕ guild that ended with the guild disbanding. After that, Erik was content to enjoy his time and spent his days in good company with leisure-filled activities.



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