Hamish Drommain



Age: 18

Major: Thief

Height: 6Õ2Ó

Build: Lean and lanky


Strength - 11

Intelligence - 16

Dexterity - 14

Fortitude - 10

Wisdom - 12

Charm - 13




Physical Description:

Hamish has brown-blonde hair that has a tendency to sit up in tufts if not properly monitored. His intelligent brown eyes betray a trend towards humor and clever wit. He is lean and moves gracefully.


Personality Description:

Hamish is known for being fearless and daring to rush into situations. Hamish is also very charming. HeÕs an excellent public speaker and has a way of captivating a room. He has a gift for storytelling and is quick on his feet.



Academic Background:

At a young age, Hamish was enrolled in Lute ArrowtonÕs School of Bardic Artistry and excelled there due to his knack for memorization and creativity. He left when he realized he didnÕt have artistic freedom and started pursuing thievery.




Musically Inclined. Hamish was gifted with a good ear for music and can play a variety of instruments.

Excellent Memory. Hamish can instantly memorize any story that is told to him.

Creative. Hamish is very creative and is a very quick thinker which aids him in telling beautiful and compelling stories.




Foolhardy. HamishÕs fearlessness can get him into trouble when he leaps into situations he often hasnÕt planned out thoroughly.

Exaggerator. Hamish tends to make his stories exaggerated and so believable that sometimes he himself has trouble distinguishing truths from lies at the end of his stories.

Guarded. Hamish tends to not open up to people and has a hard time trusting others.

The Tale of Hamish Drommain


From an early age, it was clear that Hamish Drommain was very creative. His parents sent him away to Lute ArrowtonÕs School of Bardic Artistry at the tender age of six years old to learn the arts of music, storytelling, and conversation. While Hamish enjoyed learning, he soon grew tired of memorizing the classic stories of Ren and Kaethe and longed to write his own. When his teachers explained that this was not to be done, he dropped out to pursue his own interests.


He started out traveling to different towns and telling stories that he invented. But his lack of experience meant that he was often run off the stage by audiences clamoring for the classic tales. In desperation, Hamish resorted to thievery and pick-pocketing to avoid going hungry. Eventually, his skills improved, perhaps all the more rapidly because the stakes were so high. It wasnÕt long before he was crafting masterful tales that would draw large audiences. An extravagant showman, Hamish would often invite audience members to participate in the story, distracting them while he demonstrated how a Thief would pick a pocket in one of his stories.


His fame grew as did his wealth, particularly as patrons began to sponsor him. He became close with one of his patrons, a pretty young lady named Genevieve. The local Thieves attempted to recruit him as did the local storytellers. It might have been an all-out war--though somewhat of a lopsided war--except that Genevieve suggested that he apply to Eastridge. Though Hamish was initially reluctant, Genevieve challenged him to consider it: did he always want to simply tell tales or did he want to live in one? That decided him. He applied and was promptly accepted.


At Eastridge, Hamish naturally chose the Thief program, drawing on his wealth of experience to rise to the top of his class and grow close to Nianzu herself. His specialty was in distracting a target with a tale of charm and humor while simultaneously picking their pocket or teasing information out of them.


Hamish was a charmer at heart. Though he rarely opened up to people about his personal life or circumstances, he was always quick with a story, and that won him many friends and admirers who loved his stories. He made few enemies, and those that he did make, he often started hilarious rumors about. These rumors, despite being quite fantastical, continued to circulate simply because people enjoyed retelling the outlandish claims.


After Eastridge, he traveled with his friends and fought in the Serathian war. He was part of a small stealth team focused on scouting missions and gathering information. While he never fought on the front lines, he was instrumental in many of the EasdenianÕs armies battle plans, and he had a knack for predicting the workings of Serathian social politics. When his time in Serath was over, he returned home with wealth and a title to marry Lady Genevieve whoÕd encouraged him to go forth with his adventure in the first place. At home, with a beautiful wife and an ample amount of stories to tell, he finally became the hero of his own story.



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