Jessiera Edgehill


Age: 18

Major: Thief
Minor: Warrior

Height: 5 feet
Build: Lithe




Strength - 18

Intelligence - 15

Dexterity - 18

Fortitude - 16

Wisdom - 9

Charm - 10


Physical Description: With long brown hair and hazel eyes, Jessiera is a petite and beautiful girl. The scars of burns from working long hours as a cook have left their mark on her arms and hands.

Personality Description: Jessiera is honest to a fault, though never maliciously so. She is outgoing and confident. She has a sarcastic streak and is often heard laughing.

Academic Background: Jessiera does not have any formal academic training. As a bonded laborer in the kitchens for several years, she learned how to cook and bake well. She was such a good cook that she quickly ascended the ranks and started working at the palace where she learned some of the more refined culinary arts. During her time outside the palace, she developed skills pick-pocketing and lock-picking as well as blending into a crowd.


Jessiera is a skilled baker and cook. She can turn almost any type of raw food material into something delicious.

Jessiera is a nimble thief and very accomplished at picking locks.

Jessiera is very loyal and dedicated to her friends as well as committed to her ideals.


Jessiera’s greatest weakness as a thief is that if something strikes her as funny, she will burst out laughing at even the most inopportune times.

Jessiera is committed to telling the truth even to a fault and often gives unsolicited advice, straining her friendships.

Jessiera is very stubborn, often refusing to even consider that she may be mistaken.

The Tale of Jessiera Edgehill



         Jessierra was born into a poor family in the Rural Farmlands of Easden. To keep the family from starving, her parents bonded Jessiera and her siblings to various artisans in the Royal City. Jessiera was bonded to a cook. She spent hours baking breads and making pies and pastries. After a year with the cook, she showed such natural promise that she was traded to the kitchens in the Royal Palace.



         Jessiera worked there for a few years as one of the several kitchen servants under Chef Luft. At the Royal Palace, she excelled at cooking and creating dishes. Jessiera soon rose to prominence. When her bond was served, she stayed on as a paid servant. She was known for her ability to choose what foods and tastes would go well together. Her reputation began to precede her, and when Chef Luft needed a new assistant, Jessiera was recommended for the job.


         Her one shortcoming, however, was her brutal honesty. Chef Luft was very proud, and he liked to test his would-be assistants by having them try his best dish and report on it. While other cooks would tell the chef what he wanted to hear, Jessiera gave him her honest opinion--that the food was terrible and unfit to be served to the royal family.


         Jessiera spent the next couple months as a scullery maid, and it seemed she was destined to live her life cleaning dishes until Chef Luft accidentally burned his hand while preparing a complicated cake for one of the royal feasts. Jessiera was summoned from the kitchen underbelly to finish the cake, and when it was received successfully by the nobles upstairs, Chef Luft grudgingly decided to make her his assistant.


         Jessiera lived comfortably now that she was working under the head chef of the palace. She loved learning new things, but something bothered her about the way the palace wasted food. As a child of a poor, often hungry family, she took it upon herself to save scraps and leave them at the palace gates for the poor and disabled. When Chef Luft found out, they got into a big argument, and she was dismissed. She left the Royal Palace without a second glance.


         But work was hard to find. Chef Luft had contacted every baker and cook in the city and made sure no one would hire her, creating outrageous lies about why she was dismissed. It was then that Jessiera learned to take justice into her own hands. She began stealing from the corrupt cook. Years of working with her hands frosting delicate details and crafting sugar roses had left her fingers deft and nimble. Her familiarity with the palace also meant that she knew how to come and go without drawing suspicion, and she became a master of disguise. She would raid the palace larder and distribute the food among the most needy.


         During this time, she attempted to find her other siblings and parents, but she was never able to locate them. This saddened her, but she vowed to view all poor and bonded children as her family instead.


         One day, during the Summer Solstice celebration, after witnessing Chef Luft abusing the kitchen staff, Jessiera decided to pull the ultimate heist. A special three-tiered cake that was to go to the royal family instead made its way the local orphanage for the youngers to enjoy. Chef Luft was left cakeless and embarrassed, forced to admit that a thief had stolen the cake.


         Professor Nianzu from Eastridge Academy was in attendance at the feast, and this theft drew her attention. She tracked Jessiera down and left her with an application to Eastridge Academy, promising her that cakes would be just the beginning of her career as a Thief.


         She was accepted, and the story of her cake heist preceded her at Eastridge. On her first day of school, the professors could be heard remarking about the story, and thus the common Easdenian colloquial phrase, ‘That takes the cake,’ was born.


         Jessiera excelled at her Thief classes. A natural with knives from her time working in the kitchens, she was deadly with her aim. She also managed to be one of the few women in the Warrior program. Her arms were covered with scores of burns that quickly impressed her fellow Warrior students, and her boisterous personality won over Thieves and Warriors alike. The final straw was when they found out that she could cook and often snuck into the dining commons kitchen to create special cakes and pastries that were only shared with her friends. After that, everyone wanted to be on her good side.


         Jessiera thrived at Eastridge, but never forgot where she’d come from. She trained hard and vowed to help bonded laborers and the poor everywhere. And all who knew her had every hope she would go on to change the world.



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