Kaelan Starfari


Age: 18

Major: Mage
Minor: Thief

Height: 5Ő10Ó
Build: Muscular


Strength - 12

Intelligence - 18

Dexterity - 17

Fortitude - 9

Wisdom - 15

Charm - 15



Physical Description: With reddish blond hair and hazel eyes, Kaelan is attractive. Kaelan is lame of leg and walks with a slight shuffling limp.

Personality Description: Loyal and kind, Kaelan is given to helping others, particularly those who cannot defend themselves. He is very intelligent and clever, with an outgoing personality that easily wins over many friends.

Academic Background

KaelanŐs mother, a bard, taught him how to turn a rhyme as easily as his attractive features turn heads. His father, a farrier who worked in the Easdenian ArmyŐs stables, taught him to ride a horse. Kaelan is as comfortable on horseback as he is lounging in a chair.


Equine Knowledge - Because of his time spent around horses, Kaelan has an easy way with mounts and can calm a horse and command instant obedience.

Turn of Phrase - His bardic motherŐs influence resulted in an expert way with rhymes and words.

Charmer - Kaelan has a way of winning over others with his quick humor.


Egotistical - Kaelan is a little bit full of himself.

Lame of leg - Kaelan has a slight limp which prevents him from being able to run.

Flighty - Kaelan has difficulty dedicating himself to one pursuit.

The Tale of Kaelan Starfari



Kaelan Starfari was born to Eloya, an Easdenain bard working in the Royal City, and Timmen the Farrier, who worked for the Easdenian Army, tending the mounts and doing other farrier work as needed. Kaelan was born lame of leg, which resulted in a portion of his childhood spent missing out on the chases and capers that other children his age got into. This, however, lent him time to develop his mind. With the company of his mother and her comrades, he quickly learned how to turn a pleasing phrase and even began performing with them at an age much younger than usual. He had a knack for both improvisation and memorization and would delight audiences by reciting rambling monologues that were half made up on the spot. He was a favorite of the bards and audiences alike.

When he was older, his father taught him how to ride. On horseback, KaelanŐs leg didnŐt slow him, and he quickly took to riding as often as he could. Though his family was not wealthy, his father bought him a beautiful and agile grey mare who became his constant companion. People in the Royal City were wont to joke that Kaelan was part centaur and part poet. As Kaelan rode about the city, he became interested in the works of the Mages, and with his growing curiosity, he began to spend his spare time reading ancient tomes with both practical and theoretical rune knowledge.

When he was of age, KaelanŐs father encouraged him to apply to Eastridge. KaelenŐs interest in Mage work led him to the Mage program. His mental prowess made him a quick study. He didnŐt know as many runes as the other first-year students, but he studied hard and by the end of his first year, heŐd caught up to his peers. His charm led him to befriend several of his classmates, and he was particularly popular with the ladies of his year. More than one pretty young Mage offered to help him study in exchange for a poem written in her honor. Kaelan initially had many friends, but struggled to find a truly close companion.

In his later years at Eastridge, KaelanŐs reputation grew, and he became one of the leading scholars in rune theory, easily keeping up with not only the upperclassmen but the professors as well. He developed a reputation for being thoughtful, funny, and crafty, blending magic with a playful intelligence that made him a sought-after friend and a master strategist. It was during his final year that he encountered Yaen, a Nornese girl attending Eastridge as a Warrior. Quiet but with a sternness that echoed steel, Yaen took an immediate dislike to Kaelan, which made him all the more determined to win her over. It took the better part of the year, but Kaelan was finally able to impress her by besting her in a simulated battle, and Yaen begrudgingly became KaelanŐs friend. Kaelan proved to be an unwaveringly loyal companion, and his sweet disposition drew Yaen to him more and more.

Upon graduation, Kaelan joined the Easdenian Army with many of his fellow graduates, including Yaen. Though he usually didnŐt find himself on the front lines, Kaelan never ran from a fight. He excelled as a strategist, and redefined the use of rune magic as applied to shaping the landscape of a battle, both in the setting of traps and in the control of the battlefield.



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