Louisa Aubern


Age: 18

Major: Thief

Height: 5’ 0”

Build: Flexible and petite



Strength - 10

Intelligence - 14

Dexterity - 16

Fortitude - 13

Wisdom - 11

Charm - 12



Physical Description:

Louisa is petite and lithe. Her height and slight build make her an excellent acrobat.  She has fiery red hair that she pulls back with a white ribbon, and pretty brown eyes that are full of mischief.



Personality Description:

Louisa is a fun person who loves laughter and theater. She can be mischievous and tends to get into trouble for pulling pranks on people. She doesn’t mind isolating herself when it comes to reading books for hours on end. She loves performing in the spotlight.



Academic Background:

Louisa did not have a formal education at a school. She is largely self-taught and expanded her education by reading a lot of books. She also learned a lot about the ways of the world through both her parents and her travels to distant and foreign lands.




Unafraid of heights. Being a tightrope walker, Louisa has no fear of heights and enjoys being in high up places.

Balance. Louisa has a perfect sense of balance and could walk a tightrope blindfolded (and often does)!

Well-Coordinated. Louisa has excellent coordination, which makes her dancing and her sword-fighting seem effortless and beautiful.




Unsettled. Louisa does tend to not like to stick in one place for too long. She starts to get restless when in one place or position for too long.

Vengeful. Louisa can also be mildly vengeful, wanting to get back at people when they’ve insulted her or her friends.

Sensitive skin. Louisa sunburns easily and has to wear a hat when outside for long stretches of time.




The Tale of Louisa Aubern




Louisa grew up in a troupe of traveling performers. Their acts ranged from dramatic performances to daring feats. Louisa’s father was a fire-breather, and her mother was a tightrope walker. When Louisa was of age, she decided to join the show herself. She was both an actress and a tightrope walker with the impressive ability to fire juggle.


Louisa was quite mischievous and would play tricks on mean people. In one town where their performance was heckled, she picked the pocket of every audience member in attendance before she was discovered, and her parents forced her to give back the money. From then on, she was more careful... at least with the people she told about her thefts. She quickly learned that it was easy to pick someone’s pocket if they were distracted by a performance, a story, or fire, and she used that to her advantage at every turn.


Louisa’s troupe traveled around a lot, and she hardly had time to make friends before the troupe cast off. Her best friends were her books, which she collected at every town and city they came across. She loved tales of adventure and romance and soon realized that she couldn’t be content living her days out with the troupe. She wanted her own story that people would tell for eons to come.


Louisa applied for Eastridge and was accepted into the Thief program. She already had a strong sense for misdirection and sleight of hand and excelled in her studies. Whenever she grew homesick, she could strongarm all her friends into putting on a performance of ‘Ren and Kaethe’s Kiss at the Waterfall’ or ‘Ren’s Last Battle’, much to the delight of the other students who happily played their part as the audience. She soon became known for her excellent theater.


Louisa spent much of first year at Eastridge in the library. She was fascinated by the seemingly endless supply of tomes, and her friends had to made an effort to pull her away from reading for occasional frivolity.


Louisa grew very close with a Cleric named Corent who healed her sprained ankle after a particularly bad in-action assignment. Corent was always really worried for her, and she delighted in teasing him by juggling fire and dancing on narrow window ledges. Though she never hurt herself, Corent’s constant concern made her realize that he had feelings for her, and eventually, the two fell in love.


Upon graduation, Louisa and Corent joined the fight against Serath, though with their unique skills they didn’t quite manage to end up on the front lines. They did, however, have one very successful undercover mission where they infiltrated a Serathian fortress under the guise of being performers and successfully brought back Serathian battle plans for the next wave of attack--information which saved many Easdenian lives.


Louisa and Corent had many other adventures together, and by the time they were ready to retire from adventuring, she had created a lasting legacy of tales that their children and traveling troupes would tell for years to come.