Maradith Graystone



Age: 16

Major: Warrior

Height: 5Õ4Ó

Build: Slim and willowy


Strength - 16

Intelligence - 11

Dexterity - 10

Fortitude - 14

Wisdom - 15

Charm - 11




Physical Description:

Maradith has fiery red hair, the color of leaves in autumn. Her wavy hair frames a heart-shaped face with sharp brown eyes. Her normally pale skin tans to a golden brown during the summer months, and she has a smattering of freckles across her nose.


Personality Description:

Maradith is loyal and courageous. She never runs from a fight, and she often picks one, particularly if any of her friends are in danger or slighted. She is especially protective of children and animals and is deeply religious.



Academic Background:

From a noble family, Maradith was blessed with excellent tutors. From ages ten to thirteen, she studied at the temple of Kaethe.



Light on her Feet. Maradith is very nimble. Due to her frame, she is fast-moving.

Old Soul. Maradith is wise beyond her years and has a very calming nature, which often helps her in dealing with animals.

Blessed. Because of her training at the temple of Kaethe, she knows certain rituals of purification. She is also driven by a cause greater than herself.



Easily Embarrassed. Due to her upbringing in a noble house and her time at the temple, Maradith gets flustered easily by any conversation pertaining to the body.

Bodyguard. Maradith feels strongly motivated to come to the aid of people or animals in need, even at the risk of her own life.

Blind spot. Though she is quite wise, Maradith often wants to believe the best in people, and this can lead her to doubt her own intuition and trust people she shouldnÕt.


The Tale of Maradith Graystone




Maradith Graystone was born as the fifth daughter of the Twelfth House of Easden. The Twelfth house was well-known for their religious contributions to the realm, supplying not only funds but several of the most dedicated practitioners, particularly to the temple of Kaethe.


From an early age, Maradith was destined to become a priestess and train in the order of Kaethe. However, it soon became apparent to the temple priestesses that, while she was very devout in her belief, she was more interested in what happened beyond the temple walls. She was often found quarrelling with the village boys and playing with the farm animals that lived nearby.


After much discussion, her parents realized that the perfect solution was for her to train to become a paladin. The priestesses of Kaethe began her instruction and taught her the basics of armed and unarmed combat as well as all the religious tenets and practices that would come to guide her throughout her life.


However, when the time came for her to continue her education at the temple, her instructors recognized her aptitude and pushed her to apply to Easden. Though Maradith was apprehensive to leave behind her home, she knew her true calling lay elsewhere. She decided to apply to Eastridge Academy: School for Adventurers, which, in addition to training some of the finest warriors in the realm, also had a reputation for being morally upstanding and accepting of all religions and beliefs.


With glowing recommendations from the temple priestesses, Maradith was heartily accepted into the Warrior program. However, the program proved very difficult for her. She wasnÕt used to being treated so roughly, much less treating others with violence, unprovoked. It had been easy enough for her to fight with the local boys when they were terrorizing a stray dog, but beating up a fellow first-year whoÕd done nothing to her just felt wrong.


Maradith developed a reputation for being somewhat of a pacifist, which was funny to her peers in the Warrior major who were more likely to be known for their aggressive temperaments. However, after speaking with Professor Halden at great length, Maradith came to accept that this was a necessary part of training—that, and he told her to imagine that every time she fought, an adorable animalÕs life was at stake (Note: No animals were actually harmed in the course of MaradithÕs Training.) After that, MaradithÕs training accelerated rapidly, and she quickly rose to the top of her class. As one of the few females in the Warrior program, she had many admirers. However, she avoided romantic relationships because she considered them distracting to her ultimate goal of becoming a true paladin.


After Eastridge, she traveled to the worst, war-torn areas of Serath and established her own temple dedicated to Kaethe. There, she offered healing and protection to all who sought it, but it became a particular refuge for orphans and stray animals alike. In time, she returned home to Easden, where she lived out the rest of her days in one of the temples of Kaethe, passing on her wisdom to the young priestesses-in-training.


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