Mykaelle Kolj


Age: 18

Major: Mage and Cleric

Height: 5’8”

Build: Tall and svelte



Strength - 11

Intelligence - 14

Dexterity - 13

Fortitude - 10

Wisdom - 16

Charm - 12


Physical Description: Mykaelle Kolj has bright green eyes with beautiful chestnut brown hair that lands in long waves when not bound back by a simple green ribbon. She is tall and svelte and often wears green robes.


Personality Description:

Mykaelle is a shy and introverted girl, who prefers her peace and quiet. The oldest child in her family, Mykaelle is very responsible and helps her parents by taking care of her younger siblings. She enjoys reading and spinning stories, and she has an excellent head for keeping track of numbers and runes.


Academic Background:

Mykaelle attended a local school in her village and learned the basics of reading and writing. As far as magic, she was mostly self-taught, experimenting with the runes usually in order to amuse and quiet down her younger siblings.



Excellent memory. Mykaelle has an excellent memory and can sort information very quickly. This helps her cast runes easily and quickly.

Calm Under Fire. When under stress, Mykaelle keeps a level head. Combined with her quiet demeanor, Mykaelle’s presence soothes everyone around her, particularly in combat situations.

Helpful. Mykaelle is always there to help, a trait that has won her many friends and often puts others in her debt.



Shy. Sometimes Mykaelle can be overly shy which makes it hard for her to speak up when she needs to.

Social anxiety. Being in crowds makes Mykaelle a little anxious and tends to drain her energy.

Serious. Used to being stern with her younger siblings, Mykaelle has a serious air about her that makes people think she is quite solemn.  

The Tale of Mykaelle Kolj


Mykaelle Kolj was born near Port Lynn as the oldest child of ten. When Mykaelle was younger, she would often help her parents out by tending to her other nine brothers and sisters. She became very good with children, particularly after she discovered that her magic allowed her animate objects to amuse her younger siblings with.


Mykaelle loved using magic and was particularly fascinated with runes. When not directly overseeing her siblings, she spent several afternoons lost in thick books about the powerful and mysterious history of runes and often theorized and dreamed about discovering how runes had come into existence in the first place. Mykaelle spent a lot of time teaching herself to cast magic.


Since her parents could not afford magic school for her, they did the next best thing. At ten years old, Mykaelle was sent to work in the potionary to learn about magic and to earn wages to support her family. She worked under Potionsmaster Twyne, whose store was so chaotic that he’d often mix up spells and poultices he was giving to his customers. At first, Twyne grumbled about having Mykaelle around, but soon began to appreciate her when she militantly organized his workshop and helped him run his business, earning him more money and allowing him to focus strictly on potions-making. Twyne grew so fond of Mykaelle that he took her under his wing as his apprentice, and after a year or two, her abilities as a Cleric nearly rivaled his own.


Mykaelle might have stayed at the potionary forever if Twyne hadn’t sent in an application for her to Eastridge Academy where he knew she’d thrive. She was accepted, and after assuring her parents that she’d send them wages from the school, Mykaelle set off to Eastridge to learn more about being a Mage.


At Eastridge Academy, Mykaelle easily rose to the top of the Mage program, becoming one of the best spell-casters in her year. Her excellent memory allowed her to cast spells quickly and easily, and her creativity allowed her to weave spells together in unusual and creative ways. Mykaelle was especially gifted when it came to embedding runes into inanimate objects, no doubt from all the practice she’d done as the babysitter for all her siblings.


After graduation, Mykaelle was eagerly sought after by the Easdenian government and other monasteries for her Mage-work. Despite several offers, Mykaelle decided to work at Eastridge alongside Professor Valint, researching and creating magical items. During her time there, Mykaelle created two very special objects--the first, a beautiful cloak that made the wearer as light as a feather; and the second, a pair of soft leather boots which magically eased travel and allowed the wearer to walk for longer than normal.


While she enjoyed her time with Valint, Mykaelle felt as though she wanted to do more. Since she’d always been attracted to the history of runes, she donned both cloak and boots and left Eastridge to dive into the ancient ruins for clues to the origins of the runes and magic system. While Mykaelle never did quite find the answer, she became the foremost expert on the matter, even discovering an ancient rune that no mage had seen for many centuries. Her theories and teachings spreading through Easden and the known world, and Mykaelle’s legacy lives on in the history books (literally!) to this day.



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