Age: 15

Major: Mage

Height: 5’ 5”

Build: Paxton is tall and willowy and moves with a natural grace.


Strength - 10

Intelligence - 14

Dexterity - 12

Fortitude - 11

Wisdom - 16

Charm - 13


Physical Description:  

         Paxton has hazel-green eyes the color of woodlands in the morning. She wears her long, wavy auburn hair in braids coiled low at her neck. Paxton is has a very open welcoming face, and her smile is sunny and warm.


Personality Description:

Growing up mostly as a single child in the woods, Paxton is not very talkative and rather reserved. She loves nature and feels responsible for its well-being. She is also very loyal to her family and her woodland friends. Paxton is highly attuned to nature, believing in preserving and protecting the natural elements. In that way, she is spiritual.


Academic Background

Paxton did not receive a formal education. Her mother taught her the basics of reading, writing, and cooking in addition to Cleric-work such as poultice-making and herb gathering.



Clever. Paxton is quite clever, which manifests in an interest in intellectual things as well as her dry sense of humor.

Quick-footed. Paxton is very light-footed and runs very fast. This is from romping around with animals in the woods as a young girl.

Protective. Paxton feels very protective of animals and children in particular and goes out of her way to keep them from home.



Softhearted. Paxton can’t stand to let anything be hurt and often suffers negatively when thinking about or being part of the war effort in which someone gets hurt.

Risk-taker. Paxton is willing to take huge risk to herself to protect children and animals. This has sometimes placed her in difficult situations.

Uncontrolled. Paxton has a hard time controlling her powers since she did not have any formal training in the animal magic that she is attuned to. Oftentimes, animals will come to her aid without her meaning to.

The Tale of Paxton




Paxton was born and raised in Rosehill, one of many small forest towns to the south of Easden that grew alongside a river leading to the ocean. Paxton’s father was a boatman who traveled up and down the river, ferrying goods from town to town. Paxton’s mother was the local Cleric of the village and helped tend to the villagers, creating poultices and potions and helping with the births and illnesses that cropped up.



Paxton grew up with a deep love of nature. As a young girl, she spent most of her time in the forest climbing trees and visiting flowers. She’d often sing as she walked along, trying to keep pace with the birds. One day she came across an injured fox in the woods. Fearing for its safety, Paxton dressed the fox’s wounds. Every day after, she’d go back to its grove, giving it food to eat and singing to it to calm it while it healed.


As war with Serath began taking its toll on Easden, Paxton’s father was called away to join Easden’s navy and help with the war effort. This was very hard on Paxton and her mother. To sustain the family, Paxton started working for her mother, running into the woods to collect the herbs and plants her mother required. Paxton also helped with the cooking and the creation of basic healing poultices.


When an attack from the Serathians struck their tiny village, Paxton and her mother bolted into the forest. A few Serathian Warriors followed them. When one soldier was about to strike her, she closed her eyes and desperately prayed for a way of protecting her and her mother. The birds she’d sung with, the animals she’d tracked, and the fox she’d been so nice to launched themselves at the warriors and pushed them back. That was when Paxton’s mother realized that her daughter had incredible talent with animals.


Paxton and her mother had to leave the forest that evening, much to Paxton’s dismay. Paxton was heartbroken when they relocated to a walled city to start a new life. Away from nature, Paxton seemed to wither. Paxton’s mother, recognizing her daughter’s inherent magical abilities and her intense sadness, encouraged her to apply to Eastridge, believing it would be good for her mood as well as her talents.


Paxton applied, telling the heart-wrenching story of her village and the toll war takes on the innocent. She was accepted into Eastridge not only for her talents, but for the compassion and thoughtfulness she showed in her applications.


Paxton took up mostly Mage classes that focused on animal and plant magics, learning to control her power. She also supplemented her schedule with Cleric classes in honor of her mother. The first few months at Eastridge were rough. She loved nature, but there wasn’t as much of it at the school than at her old home. Eventually, she took a job in the stables, tending to the horses, and soon, she began to flourish. Though the social life at school initially intimidated her, she made friends easily because people found her dry sense of humor to be a boon during in-action assignments when night watches were unbearably long. When she graduated, she was one of the most popular students in her year.


After Eastridge, Paxton left to work with the Easdenian army. Her experience with war as a young girl made her want to contribute to mitigating its harmful effects. She found her calling taking care of the children and animals the army found on their marches across the southern Easdenian borders, and became known famously along those towns as Paxton the Peaceful for her generous work.



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