Stephanos Chin


Age: 18

Major: Thief
Minor: Warrior

Height: 5Ő11Ó
Build: Muscular

Strength - 17

Intelligence - 18

Dexterity - 15

Fortitude - 9

Wisdom - 13

Charm - 10


Physical Description: Stephanos is half Rawenese and half Easdenian. He has black hair, brown eyes, and light skin that is usually tanned to a medium shade.

Personality Description: A loner at heart, Stephanos rarely opens up to others, but those he lets into his life he bonds with very closely.


Academic Background

Stephanos learned from his father how to hunt, cook, and how to use a knife. He learned hand-to-hand combat from the monks at the Saiyu Monastery.


Logic - Stephanos is able to quickly assess a situation and remove emotion from his decision-making processes.

Cooking - Because of his time spent helping in his fatherŐs tavern, Stephanos is an excellent cook.

Knife-play - Stephanos is an expert at using a knife in close combat or as a ranged weapon.


Untrusting - Stephanos is a lone wolf, isolated to the point that he has difficulty working in groups or relying on those he does not have a close bond with.

Picky Eater - Because of his time spent in his fatherŐs tavern, Stephanos developed a taste for good, fresh cooking and has difficulty with the rough fare often found on the road.

Emotionally Oblivious - Stephanos often misses the subtle social cues of those around him, favoring logical reasoning over empathy.

The Tale of Stephanos Chin



Stephanos Chin was born the son of a Rawenese tavern owner and his Easdenian wife. The middle child, Stephanos had both an older sister and a younger sister. The three of them all worked to help run the family tavern. Stephanos in particular was given the task of helping his father in the kitchen. Stephanos was responsible for hunting game for his fatherŐs culinary creations, as well as assisting in preparing the meat. Stephanos became quite skilled with a knife, working with them for long hours of cutting meat, vegetables, and all manner of food.

When Stephanos was older, his ranging for game to hunt brought him near the Saiyu Monastery. There, he saw monks practicing unarmed combat. Curious, Stephanos paused to watch. The monks noticed him one day, and though they at first sought to drive him off, his quiet and stoic demeanor impressed them. He would return every day and watch until he was shooed away. Each day the monks turned him away with more histency and eventually Stephanos found himself coming to the monastery regularly for lessons.

Stephanos grew older, and as he reached his teenage years, he began to want more than the life of running the tavern. With his younger sister old enough to take over most of his responsibilities, he asked his parents permission to apply to Eastridge.

Stephanos impressed the Thief professors both with his proficiency with knives and his quick, nimble logic that he used to unravel codes, solve puzzles, and see through traps. He was accepted into Eastridge, much to his delight. In addition to Thief classes, his skill with a bow from the long years of hunting everything from rabbits to deer made him a strong candidate for a handful of Warrior classes, which rounded out his education.

Though Stephanos did not make many friends while at Eastridge, the two that he became close with were lifelong companions. The first was a gruff Warrior one year above him named Garvic who became as close as a brother to Stephanos. The second was a petite and soft-spoken Cleric girl called Clariy. Stephanos was as protective of her as he was of his own sisters.

Clairy and Stephanos usually tried to stay out of trouble, but Garvic never met a fight he didnŐt like, which usually meant that Stephanos would end up right alongside him in a badly outnumbered skirmish that would result in Clairy staying up late into the night to heal both of them while they recounted the hits they had scored and tried to plot various forms of revenge. For all of this, Stephanos and Garvic made no true enemies during their time at Eastridge.

After graduating, Stephanos, Garvic, and Clariy went together in search of good to do in the world. All three had a strong sense of justice and a drive to help those in need, so their travels were full of good deeds and grateful villagers. They had many adventures in Easden and even traveled to Rawen to meet the family members that Stephanos had there. In all their days, there was never a moment not filled with laughter, adventure, or companionship.



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