Stephon, also known as ŌStepÕ or ŌThe LookoutÕ



Age: 18

Major: Mage

Minor: Warrior

Height: 5Õ10Ó

Build: Average for his height

Strength - 12

Intelligence - 14

Dexterity - 16

Fortitude - 14

Wisdom - 18

Charm – 12


Physical Description:

Stephon ties his long, light brown hair back in a neat ponytail to keep it out of his misty gray eyes. He is tall with some bulk due to his warrior training. He travels with an aged, brown hat and a cloak of deep green that he received from the Saiyu Monastery.


Personality Description:

Stephon can be a kind, caring person and will look out for those who need help. But it is hard for him to trust people due to his time in the orphanage and on the streets. He is cautious when meeting a person for the first time, but once he is friends with someone, he is quite loyal and devoted. He is usually even-tempered unless faced with the nobility or the authorities.



Academic Background:

Stephon was raised in an orphanage and learned the basics of reading and writing at the local school nearby. When he ran away from the orphanage at eleven, he learned to survive on the streets and even taught himself a little rune magic. At the Saiyu Monastery, he learned rune magic more formally as well as hand-to-hand combat.  




Perceptive. Stephon is quite perceptive. He has a good read on people and can assess situations quickly, which gives him an advantage in battle or in precarious situations.

Observant. Stephon often sees details that most people miss. This gives him an advantage on the streets, but also as a Thief. Being observant allows him to see traps and places to hide in a pinch.

Quick Visual Learner. Stephon learns quickly. Once taught a step in Warrior training or a technique in Thief class, Stephon finds it easy to mimic and master what heÕs seen.




Mysterious Past. Stephon does not like people to know about his past on the streets in Lankshire and does his best to keep it under wraps. This tends to make him appear less accessible and more mysterious to people he meets.

Not Booksmart. Having not undergone too much formal education, Stephon is not very booksmart and tends to hate formal tests or anything too academic as a result.

Fear of Fire. A fire at the orphanage where Stephon lived nearly claimed the life of one of his friends. Trapped in the upper levels, his friend was unable to escape without aid. Stephon went back inside the building to save his friend. Though he was successful, he suffered a bad burn on his arm.

The Tale of Stephon, also known as ŌStepÕ or ŌThe LookoutÕ


Stephon was born in an orphanage in the city of Lankshire. Amongst the grim life of the orphanage, StephonÕs happier times were those spent with his few friends or in exploring the strong magical ability he had been born with. Gifted with a strong affinity for magic, Stephon was one of the few able to learn magic without being explicitly taught. Rune magic came naturally to him, requiring little effort. His instincts led him well, and this combined with the ability to pull magic easily into existence and hold it in place allowed him to experiment with different combinations of rune markings that heÕd seen. Soon he was able to teach himself the basics of rune casting.


The orphanage where he grew up was a rough and terrible place, and Stephon and several others longed to leave. Their chance came one day during StephonÕs eleventh year when a fire broke out in the poorly secured kitchen fireplace. Stephon and several kids escaped that day and became their own gang of thieves, living off the streets and learning to pick pockets. Stephon disliked physical confrontations, and after seeing first-hand how brutal fights on the street could be, he tried to talk his gang out of such showdowns. Instead, Stephon prodded his crew to work through evasion and intelligence. A master of observation, he acted as the team lookout and would watch the patterns of the other gangs and navigate between them, creating escape routes that dodged around enemies. However, his luck didnÕt hold. On his fourteenth birthday, he got caught in the crossfire of two rival gangs and lost nearly all his friends as well as his own life. He was saved at the last moment by a monk at the Saiyu Monastery.


The monk took Stephon under his wing, and for the next year, Stephon studied under the monk, learning basic and middle-level rune sets and how to channel his growing power. His training required discipline and exhausting work, but Stephon excelled at it. On the eve of his fifteenth birthday, the monk offered to train Stephon further, but Stephon found life at the monastery stifling. Since Stephon couldnÕt stay at the monastery if he did not want to progress, he faced the hard prospect of returning to life on the streets. Stephon couldnÕt imagine going back because itÕd been a hard, violent life with little purpose. The monk, wanting Stephon to get the help and comfort he needed, helped him get accepted into Eastridge Academy. Within the year, Stephon was accepted, and he moved to eastern Easden.


At Eastridge Academy, Stephon began his life anew and worked hard to shed the identity heÕd cultivated on the streets. No longer was he Stephon, an orphan of Lankshire. He could be anyone he wanted to be. He changed his name to ŌStepÕ and began to excel in the Thief program. Step did not make very many friends because he was ashamed and saddened by the circumstances of his past. Reluctant to open up, when others asked him how heÕd come to be so proficient, Step merely answered them with a smile. He did, however, make one ally in a quiet, friendly Thief with quick fingers named Dalton. The two of them became the best of friends.


Upon graduation, Step and Dalton joined a team headed into the heart of Serath by route of Rawen. It was in Rawen that Step encountered an unusual lizard--the Rawen term for the creature was Shou-Dragon. One took an immediate liking to him and the two became inseparable. Once in Serath, Step observed the movements of the Serathian foot soldiers in an ongoing series of skirmishes over control of the Arcal Pass--a pivotal strategic point, the loss of which would require the Easdenian army to retreat immediately back to Easden. In watching the Serathian troops, he realized that, though they were organized into several tribes, certain patterns emerged. Steph devised a strategy and presented it to the Easdenian forces. His plan was immediately adopted, and the Easdenian army was able to forge a decisive victory at the pass.


Returning to Easden a hero, Step found a place at the Royal Court assisting the ambassadors in reading and responding to foreign delegates. His powers of observation proved valuable as he was able to accurately predict not only the moves of key players, but also their motives.Step was able to secure a place for Dalton at court, and the two had many adventures with both the nobility of Easden and foreign dignitaries as well. For the most part, Step disliked the nobility, and he and Dalton were not above the occasional prank. Luckily, StepÕs valuable role kept them from getting into trouble... well, at least it kept them from getting into too much trouble. Step, Dalton, and his Shou-Dragon lived out their days with equal parts excitement and contentment.



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