Dred Gaun


Age: 18

Major: Mage
Minor: Thief

Height: 6Ő 1Ó
Build: Lithe

Strength - 15

Intelligence - 18

Dexterity - 12

Fortitude - 11

Wisdom - 13

Charm - 9


Physical Description: With black hair and silver eyes, Dred is physically striking, though more imposing than attractive. He has a long face that many would call serious because of his thick eyebrows and long, hooked nose.


Personality Description: Dred has an easy way of befriending anyone he comes across, but often prefers the solitude of reading alone in a quiet place. Dred is adventurous and never backs down from excitement, no matter what trouble may ensue.


Academic Background

Dred was educated in swordplay by his mother and learned the basics of rune casting from tomes that his father traded.




Speed Reader - Dred has the ability to quickly skim a page and retain all of the content.

Friendly - Dred is able to quickly win over those he meets with his friendly personality.

Bold - Dred is nearly fearless and always looking for an adventure.


Near-sighted - DredŐs long hours of reading have left him near-sighted to a degree that he is nearly blind without his spectacles.

Impractical - Whether itŐs worrying about money, safety, or other considerations, Dred does not lend much of his time to thinking things through.

Encumbered - Dred can always be found carrying at least three books with him, even on long travels where he really should leave them behind.



The Tale of Dred Gaun

Dred Gaun was born the son of a merchant and a mercenary. His mother, the mercenary, was often away fighting, and his father was very successful but also very busy with his ledgers and trading. Dred often found himself alone. To keep Dred occupied, DredŐs father gave him tasks to help with the bookkeeping and sorting of the goods that he traded. Dred enjoyed helping, particularly when he discovered that this gave him access to the goods that his father traded, the most interesting being books. As only child, Dred was accustomed to some isolation, and he found that reading gave him an unexpected window into other worlds, friends, and adventures. His father often traded tomes, and Dred would delight in reading through the novels and textbooks before his father sold them. After a few tragic instances where a shipment of books was sold before Dred had come to the end of the tales, he became a quick reader, able to devour an entire book in a single day. He particularly enjoyed magical textbooks, and taught himself the basics of rune casting.

As Dred grew older, his fatherŐs trading company evolved, and there were fewer and fewer books to occupy his time. He enjoyed his motherŐs visits, where she would teach him swordplay, but those were infrequent. His father began to send him out to deliver goods, and so Dred found himself forced to venture out of his fatherŐs storehouses by the time he was twelve.

The neighborhood boys at first disliked Dred, with his severe face and quiet tendencies. They assumed he thought himself above them, and so they hated him in return. It took only a few encounters for this to be set right. Dred was quick to correct them, forcing himself to speak up beyond his accustomed quiet ways. He was genuinely kind, and interested in being friends rather than enemies, and this natural friendliness won them over, along with his endless supply of adventurous tales. Dred and the local boys became fast friends, though his closest friend was a wine merchantŐs son named Nai. When they were of age to apply to academies, Dred joined him in applying to Eastridge.

It was with some surprise that Dred received the news that only he had been admitted to Eastridge. Because of the training his mother gave him with swordplay and his basic knowledge of magic from reading, he was able to earn a place in the Mage program while still taking a couple of Warrior classes. He was sorry to leave his childhood friend, but Nai wished him well and made him promise to visit.

Dred enjoyed his time at Eastridge immensely. There was a seemingly-endless supply of reading material and almost every day held a new adventure or a new friend. DredŐs adventurous spirit got him and his new friends into more than their share of trouble, but it also pushed them to learn faster and train harder.

Dred excelled in his studies and became a master swordsman, blending rune magic and swordplay seamlessly together. Dred graduated with high honors and headed home as promised to visit his family and Nai.


Dred returned to find Nai grinning from ear to ear at being reunited with his friend and ready to challenge him to a duel. Nai had attended Reyen Academy, learning how to fight with daggers and stealth, and the two friends were both eager to show off. The two fought to a standstill, and found themselves evenly matched. When it ended in a draw, the two embraced and vowed to fight together from that point on. Following in DredŐs motherŐs footsteps, the two joined in with mercenaries, eventually founding their own company which specialized in adventurous quests that also helped the poor, defenseless, or downtrodden, sometimes with no profit to themselves. DredŐs mother would sometimes shake her head at her sonŐs way of disregarding money, but she always did so with a smile on her lips.


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