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11/9/07 - Repercussions

Did anyone really think Fell would get away with standing up to Torrent? Sooner or later, everyone has to face the repercussions of their actions.

11/1/07 - Friendship

No one ever accused Wisteria Ling of not being complicated. What exactly would Averi and Wisteria talk about after Wisteria wakes up to find Rai Ravin leaving their room?

10/27/07 - Nighttime Conversations

It seems like Annalise isn't the only one breaking curfew at the School for Adventurers. See who else is out late at night, and in a girls' room, none the less!

10/20/07 - A Favor

Things aren't always what they seem at Eastridge Academy, particularly when it comes to the Nobility. See what happens after hours on the Eastridge campus.

10/13/07 - Scandal!

Exactly what do the other nobles at the School for Adventurers think of Princess Averi's thieving? You can always count on Annalise to speak her mind...

-- K. L. L.

10/7/07 - Torrent's Sword

I'll admit that this week's scene is one of my personal favorites. Then again, how could you not enjoy a scene with Averi, Torrent, Fell, and a sword?

-- K. L. L.

Keep an eye out for next week's update, where Averi gets herself into some trouble with the girls of Eastridge Academy.

-- J.L.Y.

9/28/07 - Grades

It had to happen eventually... the first round of grades for the Thief Major. See how Rai and Averi do in their evaluations for what they've stolen.

Also, J.L.Y. and I have done some re-writes to the early chapters of School for Adventurers, so you might want to take a look to see what's changed. Amongst other things, in the first chapter, you can now find artwork of Rakam, done as usual by the talented K. M. Ricker.

--K. L. L.

Rakam - Warrior major

9/21/07 - Lessons on Stealing, from Rai Ravin

How does the most charming thief at Eastridge steal something from his target? Read more of School for Adventurers Chapter 5: Thieving to find out!

--K. L. L.


9/14/07 - Averi's Target

So just who has Averi been following while Rai chases after Wisteria and Annalise? Check out the latest update to find out.

--K. L. L.

9/7/07 - Restructuring! and More on Thieving...

SFA is going through some editing right now, so be on the look out for revisions to the early chapters. Now, there's a "Back of the Book" for each of your favorite characters -- Averi, Rai, Wisteria, and Fell. There, you can read an excerpt from each character's particular adventure. Also, you can check out Annalise and Torrent's profiles.

The story has also been updated. Rai changes his target from Wisteria to...?

-- J.L.Y.

8/31/07 - Wisteria and Annalise

More on Chapter 4: Thieving! Wisteria has a run in with Annalise and Rai learns a few things about both of them. Hope you're enjoying the adventure so far. As always, if you have any feedback, email us at Eastridge@SchoolForAdventurers.com

-- K. L. L.

8/25/07 - Update and Revision

There's been a slight revision to School for Adventurers-- Averi's first day of Thief class is actually the start of Chapter 5, the aptly titled "Thieving" chapter. One of the perks of writing our adventure story as an online novel is that we can keep editing it and making a better product for our readers.

So, on that note, the first part of Chapter 5 is up. See what the Thieves are up to in their first assignment!

-- K. L. L.

8/22/07 - The First Thief Assignment

It's Averi's first day of Thief class and the Thieves get their first major assignment of the year. Look for the rest of Chapter 4 as well as profiles for Torrent and Annalise Emberlynn within the next week!

-- K. L. L.

8/18/07 - Chapter 3: Majors and Minors

The first part of Chapter 3 is up! See how Fell, Rai, Averi, and Wisteria adjust to life at Eastridge as they struggle with their classes, the popular girls in school, and Torrent and his crew of bullies.

Fell Farmington's Profile is also now available. Learn all about everyone's favorite farmer.

-- K. L. L.

8/16/07 - Rai's Profile!

As promised, Rai Ravin's profile is up, go check it out. Chapter 4 soon to follow... Someone drops their minor, Fell gets beaten up (as usual) and Rai finally finds his Thief class just in time to get his first assignment.

-- J.L.Y.

8/9/07 - Artwork of Rai and Fell!

Artwork by the lovely K. M. Ricker is now completed! Expect a Character Profile for Wraith Ravin soon...

-- K. L. L.

Wraith - a thief looking for adventure

8/5/07 - Chapter 2 Update

Rai and Wisteria heal their first victim, Averi learns it's hard to forget where you came from, we see what the elusive Thieves are up to. More artwork will be added to the story later this week. The rest of Chapter 2 and the start of chapter 3 will come up next week!

-- J.L.Y.

7/28/07 - First Day of Classes!

The first day of school can be scary, but it's even scarier at Eastridge. Averi and Wisteria face off in Combat Casting, Fell finds out that Sparring I is full of bullies, and Rai just wants to find his classes... At the School for Adventurers, every day is an adventure.

The first half of Chapter 2: First Fights is up! Artwork is going to be added to Chapter 1 soon, so keep an eye out for it.

-- K. L. L.

7/25/07 - Changes

Updates have been on hold while we re-design the website. It's finally done, along with new maps and revisions of the story. Take a look around and keep reading about the adventures at Eastridge!

-- K. L. L.

7/14/07 – The Beginning of Fall Term

Moving day is always an exciting yet busy day. Averi meets her roommate; Wisteria clashes with the Housing Department; and a run-in with some bullies makes Fell feel like he's in way over his head.

Updates: Check out the profiles section for Wisteria Ling, and be sure to come back next Friday for The Third Chapter!

-- J.L.Y.

The Girls, ready for Adventures

7/7/07 Welcome to Eastridge: where Adventurers Prepare for Adventures!

The Prologue and the First Chapter, written by S. J. Y. and myself are now up. You can also check out Averi Rysten's profile, which includes artwork by K. M. Ricker.

Next week, look for Chapter 2 and Wisteria Ling's profile.

-- K. L. L.

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