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5/29/09 - Rune Day Revisited

It's that time of the year again--a joyous time when all the good little Mages get their runes...

5/22/09 - In-Action anThe Storyd Reaction

Mages are notorious for gossiping, and even Warriors aren't above rumors. Fortunately, Torrent and Annalise can handle themselves...

5/15/09 - Team Building Exercise

What do adventurers do when they're 'looking for group'? Too bad they don't have high ropes courses and trust falls in Easden. (Or do they?)

5/8/09 - Cross Examination

Wisteria's always cross, but then again, so is Lyre...

5/1/09 - In-Action Assignment Applications

Is there anything harder to imagine than Torrent doing paperwork?

4/24/09 - Making Up and Making Plans

Well, after that conversation with Vice, what's a girl to do? Looks like Averi's going to be busy.

4/17/09 - Vice

When you need some ethically questionable advice, is there any better place to find it than Magical Ethics?

4/10/09 - Armed

What good is a Warrior without a sword? The April Fool's post is gone for now, but we'll be posting it back up later, for those of you who miss it. =)

4/5/09 - Tales of Eastridge Applications

This is a bit overdue, but JLY and I finally sent out the responses to the Phase Two applications. If you applied and you don't have an email from us, please let us know! Also, since we saw how much work everyone put into their characters, it didn't feel right to just send out a form response letter, so we tried to take some time with each response to let people know what we loved about it and any pointers we had if they choose to reapply/continue writing that character once the beta is over and the school is open for more students.

We really hope that our comments don't come off poorly... Honestly, all of the applications were amazing, and this was much, much tougher than we thought it would be. =(

4/4/09 - Phase Two Information

For those of you who applied to Phase Two, more information is now available on the application page.

4/3/09 - April Fool's Day

So... It occurred to us that some people only check the website on Fridays, and might not notice the date of Wednesday's post-- so for everyone who's concerned that we've nerfed SFA into a normal high school drama, you can let out a sigh of relief. It was only a joke. ^_^*

In the spirit of April Fool's Day, we wanted to do a joke post and throw everyone into the real world! Sorry for the scare! We were just having some fun. We weren't sure if anyone would actually believe it... ^_^*

While we did have a lot of fun (possibly too much fun) writing that April Fool's Day post, we could never write off the last, oh, two years or so of writing SFA as a dream. =P We might continue this tangent in our spare time, just for fun, but you can rest assured that the SFA you know and love will be back next week. =)

If you want to share your relief with some other fans, you can visit the forum.

4/1/09 - An Unexpected Twist Parts I, II, and III (April Fool's Day Post)

We've been talking about this for a while, and we've decided to take SFA in a different direction... We hope you enjoy it!

Update-- We know this might take some adjusting, so we're doing a few installments today. Let us know what you think!

Update ++ So... Some of you are still skeptical... But we really think this is going to be great! Here, take another look.

Update -- Could we really miss getting a glimpse of a pep rally? It's just too good to pass up.

3/30/09 - Blog Update

For those of you who applied to Phase Two, you can learn a little bit about what we're doing from KL's Blog post.

3/27/09 - Quarrel

What happens when everyone's favorite couple doesn't get along?

3/20/09 - Rakam's Request

Well, the title has a nice ring to it, but in all fairness, we probably should have called it Rakam's Demand. And with that, it's time to start Chapter 4!

3/13/09 - Sight

A Thief, a Mage, and a Warrior walk into the girls' baths... It's either the start of a horrible joke, or this week's scene. Perhaps both.

3/6/09 - Replacement and Averi's Request

We've got two scenes for you this week! We'll check back in on how our favorite Cleric is coping with her new bodyguard... And we'll see what Averi has to say to Torrent.

2/27/09 - Third Wheel

What are the odds that Rai and Averi could actually have a date? Well, the odds might not be as bad as you'd think...

2/26/09 - Rune Days - Introduction

Because JLY is the responsible type, she's starting a blog posting series to tell you a little bit more about our magic system.

2/20/09 - Guarded

We all know that Wisteria Ling is just about the last person to talk about her feelings... Is there anyone at Eastridge brave enough to hazard a conversation?

2/13/09 - And the Winner Is...

Any last bets? It's time for the last battle of the Rankings.

And, when you're done with the update, there's KL's blog post.

2/6/09 - Fighting Fair

A Warrior wouldn't last long without being able to take a punch.

1/30/09 - Tact

Where would you go if you found out your school was haunted? Well, Wisteria and Averi's approach seems to involve a thick stack of library research books and a certain short-tempered third-year Warrior. On the other hand, only one of them really needs to go talk to him... Looks like Averi drew the short straw.

Also, you can check out JLY's blog for a look at how we work together.

1/24/09 - Author Blog Update - The Perfect Book

Check out KL's blog for what we've been thinking about.

1/23/09 - Ghost

Isn't it about time we start Chapter 3?

1/16/09 - Haunting

What kind of school doesn't have a few ghost stories?

1/9/09 - Lin's Secret

Any last guesses? It's time to find out what Averi and Rai missed

1/6/09 - The Great Tagging Project

Because we need your help!

1/2/09 - Warrior Ways

Unfortunately for Fell, life in the Warrior major is complicated.


12/24/08 - Moral Dilemma Part Two

It's time to find out what happened after Rai left Averi and Lyre. We're updating early this week because of the upcoming holidays-- so Happy Holidays to everyone out there, and enjoy the post!

12/22/08 - Book 1 Now for Sale!

You know what makes a great Christmas present? Book 1 of SFA. Or, if shipping can't get it to you in two days, a printed out receipt for SFA also makes a rather good gift... =D

12/21/08 - Phase Two - Beta Test

As we mentioned a couple of months ago, we've been working on an RPG-style game for people to play. While a full-fledged game might take a bit more time to finish, we've spent the last few months planning something in between an RPG, a writing contest, and a writer's workshop. We like to call this Phase Two of SFA.

Even from when we started writing SFA, we've always hoped to do this, and now that Book 1 is finished and we have slightly more time, we're ready to start. We're very excited to see how this goes and whether or not it will work the way we hope it will.

So how does it work? You create a character, and that character applies for the School For Adventurers. If you're accepted, then you and a few others will be writing in the same universe-- as current first-years at Eastridge Academy. We'll periodically give you prompts to write about, such as your first day of classes, meeting your new roommate, and dealing with bullies, to begin with, later moving on to your character's own particular plot and struggles. When you're done, you'll have the story of your character's first year at Eastridge. And as a whole, there will be a collection of stories for your year.

We haven't figured out all of the details, but we're hoping to post the best entries on our website and to award prizes to the best of the best.

Currently, we also plan to give participating writers access to some of our resources, such as a partial Student Registry, the Primer Book of Runes, and the course catalog.

Right now, this program is still brand new and in the beta stages, so we'd only be looking for a few people to try this out with--if it works, we may look into expanding it.

Basically, Eastridge Academy is a big place. It's about time we open our doors and accept some new applicants.

After all... You didn't honestly think that the Application page was just for show, did you?



12/19/08 - Moral Dilemma

Well, at least Rai and Averi have each other.

In other news, on Saturday JLY and I are hoping to roll out what we like to call "Phase Two" of SFA. All I can say so far is that it'll be fun. Or at least, we hope so.


12/12/08 - Healing Herbs and Poultices

What, you thought Clerics only learned how to write out a couple of runes? Not all healing is magical.

Also, it has come to my attention that the link to the forums previously went to the facebook page! Not that you're not welcome to discuss on the facebook group, but you may have better luck with a discussion on the Forum for Adventurers.

12/7/08 - Stalking

What could be more romantic than a quiet night of stalking?

If you're confused about why the link leads to the end of the previous scene, it's because... Well, when you write a web novel, one of the perks is getting to revise history every now and then. So make sure you re-read the end of that scene, as some things may have changed. =)