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9/11/09 - Tryouts

It really shouldn't be that hard to find the right Cleric for the job... right?

9/4/09 - Tryouts

What do you do when you have a spot to fill on your team? What any good cheerleading squad, football team, or reality TV show does: hold Tryouts!

9/2/09 - Artistic Wednesdays with KM Ricker

KM Ricker will be posting a new profile picture on Wednesdays! It's scientifically been proven that praise makes Ricker draw more... Well, okay, at the very least, it hasn't been proven to hurt. Let her know what you think of the new pictures!

8/31/09 - Voted Off

There can only be one...

8/28/09 - Still Complicated

Today's post is short, but we couldn't resist leaving it at a cliff-hanger this week. Though JLY thinks the answer will be obvious, KL wants to see how well everyone knows us. The conclusion will be posted on Monday.

8/23/09 - Behind the Scenes: The Mage Faculty

Today, we're taking a look at the Mage faculty. We'll also be taking questions in the "comments" section. Check it out on our blog!

8/21/09 - Vinden's Handiwork and Complications

Leave it to Vinden to slaughter everyone on the team... Too bad that's the least of their problems.

Don't forget to check out our new authors' blog: turningphrases.blogspot.com! Not only will you get to hear about what we've been up to, but you can also check out a first look at one of KMRicker's amazing, new second-year profile pics!

8/19/09 - Turning Phrases

Because one blog is better than two?

8/14/09 - Improvisational Battle and So, A Cleric and Five Warriors Are In the Middle of a Forest...

So, a Cleric and five Warriors walk into a forest... what else could it be but Improvisational Battle?

8/7/09 - Kill

Well, The Game had to end sometime...

7/31/09 - Fella and Star-Crossed

Really, the only thing surprising about this should be that it's taken us this long to make these puns. Looks like Fell's having a surprisingly good time at the Winter Ball. And it's even odds as to whether or not Lyre will get punched for what he's about to do next...

7/24/09 - Three Ribbons and An Ambush

Well, the Kat's out of the bag. Maybe Averi should have belled that Kat. It looks like it's going to be a delicate game of Kat and mouse. (We could go on like this for days, and KMRicker aka The Queen of Puns isn't even here. All Hail Queen Ricker, Queen of Puns!)

7/17/09 - ...Waiting and Having a Ball

Just what are Rai and Lyre doing while Averi and Wisteria are getting ready?

7/14/09 - Dressed

From time to time, we like to create wildly ambitious goals and then struggle furiously to reach them. For instance, those of you who were with us last year might remember our mad rush to finish Book 1. So we've decided to step it up and get more writing done. And with more writing come more updates. So here's a bonus Tuesday update.

Averi and Wisteria tackle the age-old issue of what to wear to the Ball...

7/10/09 - Crossed

Not even Averi could've seen this one coming.

And, since we know you're all curious about what the Mage faculty looks like, here's some bonus art for SFA's two-year anniversary!


- As always, the art is by our lovely and talented KM Ricker.

7/7/09 - Two Years Already?

On 7/7/07 JLY and I first launched schoolforadventurers.com. And since then, we've posted a weekly update every Friday for the past two years. We've even had some weeks when we've posted M/W/F. That's... A lot of posts.

We'll have a special post on Friday-- in addition to the scene, there'll also be some art. But for now, enjoy this adorable comic by KM Ricker:


If you like it, it never hurts to throw some praise at her.

7/3/09 - It's a Trap!

Apparently, it's a trap.

6/26/09 - Asked and Answered & The Game's Afoot

Rai and Averi finally get some alone time...or something like that.

6/19/09 - Rai, Wisteria, and the Winter Ball

Looks like Wisteria's more popular than she thought...

6/12/09 - Invited

It didn't go so well the last time a boy asked Wisteria Ling to the Winter Ball. Let's see if this year is any better...

6/5/09 - Fell's Date

It's anyone's guess who Fell Farmington will end up taking to the Winter Ball...